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College Conversations

Brownson's Quarterly Review, April, 1852

2.  College Conversations.    By Mauy Monica.  
 Vol. II.   London : Burns.    1849.

These Conversations are written by a lady, a convert from
Anglicanism to the Church, and the volume before us has been
 placed in our hands by a reverend and very dear friend, late
engaged in giving missions in England, with a request that we
would examine it and give our opinion as to its suitableness
for republication in this country. The book is pleasantly written,
 in a gentle spirit, and our young folks have found it very interesting.
It is a good book of its class, and the class cannot be too
 much multiplied. We never praise a book written by a lady,
if we can help it, for we think the writing of books is
not woman's vocation, and a female literature is pretty
 sure to be a sentimental literature, wanting always in
robust health and masculine energy ; and we generally
look upon every work by a recent convert as suspect. ;
 but in the present case we very cheerfully commend the
little work before us, and trust that some of our
enterprising publishers will not hesitate to give
us an American edition of it.

3. The. Glories of Mary. From the Italian of St.
Alphonsus Liguoki. First American Edition. New
York: Dunigan 6z Brother.     1852.    12mo.  
 pp. 802.
This is a very beautiful edition of one of the
sweetest and most admired of the devotional works
 of that great saint, Alphonsus Li-guori. We have
not compared the translation with the original, but
 it has been made by one that is abundantly able to
 do it faithfully, tastefully, and affectionately.
We say no more of this work now, for we mean to seize
 the earliest opportunity to make it the text for an
article on devotion to Our Lady.