About the Society

The Orestes Brownson Society was founded on July 4, 2002. This year is our 21st anniversary of the launching of the site.  Our goal is to promote the writings of Orestes Augustus Brownson, a man whom we consider the greatest American-Catholic intellect.  We are disheartened by the fact that Brownson is largely ignored and forgotten by modern society, both in America and abroad.  Dr. Brownson has written more than any American writer, and, we dare say, he had read more than any American.  He is comparable to the ancient Fathers of the Church in his learning and wisdom. The late John Cardinal Newman - a convert and author of some ninety works - considered Brownson his equal, if not, his superior, in learning. We fully admit that Brownson can, at times, be somewhat overwhelming, particularly when addressing abstruse philosophical concepts, but we also point out that Brownson is a master of the English language, and that while particular attention and effort must be expended in reading him, one's labors are richly rewarded.  Please use full freedom to comment upon, or point out errors in the uploaded articles. *Many of the articles were uploaded some years ago and may contain slight typos.  

Our work is a daunting task in that we are only a few men who wish to revive the name of a man who ought to be revered by the entire world. We say of Brownson what Ben Jonson said of his contemporary, the immortal Shakespeare: "He is not a man of our age, but a man for all ages."
We implore all interested persons to assist our project by contributing financially, typing articles, offering suggestions, or assisting in some other way. We especially implore your prayers (this means one Hail Mary for the success of the Society).  Lastly, we would like to thank all those individuals who have contributed to the Society, in particular Mr. David Brindle of Bonaventure Designs, who has given us a website that is befitting Brownson.

Sincerely, Bryan Shepherd, M.A. Phil. - The Orestes Brownson Society

Contact information: P.O. Box 17248 Louisville, Ky 40217-9998.  cell:502-594-7509 (text or call)

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