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Approbation of Brownson by all the American Bishops Attending the Council of Baltimore

Baltimore, 13th May, 1849
DEAR SIR, ----
After the close of our Council, I suggested to our venerable metropolitan the propriety of encouraging you by our approbation and influence to continue your literary labors in defense of the faith, of which you have proved an able and intrepid advocate. He received the suggestion most readily, and I take the liberty of communicating the fact to you, as a mark of my sincere esteem, and of the deep interest I feel in your excellent Review. I shall beg of him and of other prelates who entertain the same views, to subscribe their names in confirmation of my statement.
Your devoted friend,
Bishop of Philadelphia.

+ SAMUEL, Archbishop of Baltimore
+ PETER RICHARD, Archbishop of St. Louis.
+ MICHAEL, Bishop of Mobile.
+ ANTHONY, Bishop of New Orleans.
+ JOHN JOSEPH, Bishop of Natchez.
+ JOHN, Bishop of Buffalo.
+ M. O'CONNOR, Bishop of Pittsburgh.
+ MATHIAS, Bishop of Dubuque.
+ JOHN M. ODIN, Bishop of Galveston.
+ MARTIN JOHN, Bishop of Lengone, and Coadjutor of Louisville.
+ M. DE ST. PALIAS, Bishop of Vincennes.
+ WILLIAM TYLER, Bishop of Hartford.
+ J. B. FITZPATRICK, Bishop of Boston.
+ RICHARD PIUS, Bishop of Nashville.
+ JOHN BAPTIST, Bishop of Cincinnati.
+ JOHN HUGHES, Bishop of New York.
+ RICHARD VINCENT, Bishop of Richmond.
+ JAMES OLIVER, Bishop of Chicago.
+ JOHN M. HENNI, Bishop of Milwaukee.
+ JOHN, Bishop of Albany.
+ AMEDEUS, Bishop of Cleveland.
+ PETER PAUL, Bishop Zela Coadjutor Administrator of Detroit
+ IGNATIUS AL., Bishop of Charleston.
+ ANDREW BYRNES, Bishop of Little Rock.