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Articles: "Orestes Brownson, Saint-Bonnet, and Cardinal Newman," "Christopher Columbus Revisited," "St. Luke: The Synagogue and the Church," "The Covid Conspiracy: Psychology of a C.I.A. Psy-Op," "St. Joseph in Genesis," "The vatican II Conspirators," "Venerable Matt Talbot: Hope for Alcoholics," "Prodigal Shepherd: Fr. Pfau, First Priest in Alcoholics Anonymous."  

Other works of Brownson on the Internet:  (This is my Rumble Page containing several hundred talks by various authors)

The American Republic

Brook Farm

Catholicity Necessary to Sustain Popular Liberty

The Church Against No-Church

Democracy and Liberty

The Episcopal Observer versus the Church

Essays and Reviews Chiefly on Theology, Politics, and Socialism

Free Labor

The Higher Law

The Mediatorial Life of Jesus

The Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary

New Views on Christianity, Society, and the Church

Newman's Development of Doctrine: Part 1     Part 2

The Catholic Encyclopedia: Orestes Brownson

Origin and Ground of Government

Political Constitutions

Popular Government

The Present State of Society

Reform and Conservatism

Remarks on Universal History

Schmucker's Psychology

The Spirt-Rapper: An Autobiography.

Synthetic Philosophy

To Call Her Mother

Brownson Related Material

 Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture -Named an inspirational figure by this Notre Dame organization.

Orestes Brownson Council -seeks to help Notre Dame students gain a greater understanding of the Catholic faith.

Miscellaneous Links

The American Chesterton Society -dedicated to the great 20th century literary figure and Catholic convert, G.K. Chesterton.  Thanks for the longtime link to the Orestes Brownson Society site.

Evelyn Waugh Website -a solid 20th century Catholic novelist.

The Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame -devoted to the famed Catholic convert and Thomistic philosopher, Jacques Maritain.  Again, thanks for the longtime link from your website.

New Advent -perhaps one of the most useful sites on the Internet.  Contains the entire Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa Theologica, and numerous writings of the Church Fathers.