The Child Part 1

The Child.  By MGR. DUPANLOUP, Bishop of Orleans.  Translated from the French, by the Author's permission.  By KATE ANDERSON. Boston: Donahoe, 1875.  12mo, pp.294.  Taken from Brownson's Quarterly Review.  Last Series. Vol. III, No. III. July, 1875.

MGR. DUPANLOUP, Bishop of Orleans, is one of the best known and most distinguished prelates of the Church in France.  He is also one of the most active, enterprising, and laborious, and is justly counted as one of the most fearless, independent, and eloquent writers and preachers at the present day in the Gallican Church.  He was never an Imperialist nor a Legitimist in his politics, but in the National Assembly of 1848, without being a decided Democrat, he supported the Republic.  He is an ardent friend of political liberty, but liberty with order, and is probably what may be called a Parliamentarian.  He has always, in the active part he has taken in the politics of his country, opposed Caesarism, and defended the decentralization of pwer.  He was an Inopportunist at the Council of the Vatican, but accepted the dogma of papal Infallibility, when the council had defined it.  His eloquent voice has been heard, from the first, in defence of the temporal sovereignty of the pope, and in denunciation of the Italian sacrilegious spoliators.