"The Revolutionary Conspiracy" by Fr. James Wathen

We have decided to reproduce in its entirety a short essay by the late Fr. Wathen. Fr. Wathen, let it be noted, was ordained in 1958 and died in 2006.  He never said the New Mass, and, in fact, told his bishop circa 1969 that he would "never say the New Mass."  Fr. was a staucnch anti-Communist, in addition to being strictly anti-New Mass.   Fr. is the author of several books including, "Who Shall Ascend," "The Great Sacrilege," "I know Mine and Mine know Me," "The Words of Christ," and "Thoughts on Mary."  One may access Fr. Wathen's literature at www.fatherwathen.com.  We leave you with Fr.s following essay:

The following is an attempt to define and describe the term “the Revolution,” to which we have made frequent allusion. This will be the first of a number of articles. We will consider here the components of the Conspiracy. Our sources are many, though Fr. Denis Fahey’s "The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World" and Nesta Webster’s "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" are must reading for anyone who would understand this.

The conspiratorial establishment is an interlock of 1. Judaism 2. Freemasonry 3. Illuminism 5. Communism 5. International Finance

1. Judaism: From its beginning the conspiratorial machine has been honey-combed with Jews. Judaism, such as we are speaking of here, should be thought of as Talmudism, for, from the point of view of its ideology and structure, modern Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but of the Talmud. The Talmud is a huge book which serves as the basic text for Jewish thought and practice. While pretending to be a pious and scholarly commentary on the Bible (the “Torah”), it is in truth the wickedest book ever written. Among its themes are Jewish Messianism, i.e., the exaltation of the Jewish race and the promise of eventual domination of the world by jews, hatred and derision for Christ and His mother, and all His followers, the justification of every kind of immorality and criminality for Jews, the demeaning of all gentiles and the extolling of their exploitation by Jews. All this is drawn from the Sacred Scriptures through the most pharisaic and tortuous interpretation and made to embody the true meaning of the religion of Abraham, Moses and the Prophets.

The reader will please note well that we are not accusing all Jews of being intricated in the International Conspiracy. It is impossible to ascertain which or how many Jews know what their religion is and what it is being used for. Structurally, Judaism is a front and a base for the imperialist manipulations of the small group of super-rich Jews who rule it. The sound religious tenets preached by rabbis and writers and given expression in Jewish worship services are not meant to obligate its chieftains, who are completely irreligious, amoral and materialistic. Catholics should be less shocked to learn this than others at the present time in view of the fact that their Church has been taken over by persons who are equally faithless, malevolent, and sinister. Personal faith or morality has nothing to do with one’s status in Judaism; virtue according to the Talmud is measured and achieved by worldly success, and success is indicated by the gaining of wealth, being permitted to marry into upper-caste Jewish families and participate in the management of the Jewish financial and political empire. The point is, obviously, such an assent is impossible to gentiles as it is to truly religious Jews:

“You can’t understand world politics without a genealogy! University students don’t openly study the genealogy of world ownership. Certainly no professor seeking a fellowship from a tax-free foundation would pursue the subject very far.
Truth: Financial control of virtually every major nation on earth is in the hands of a sprawling, interlocking family which spans continents and national boundaries. The central part of the this family carries the name of ‘Rothschild,’ but other branches are powerful.

"Men who finance Washington (like Lehman, Seligman and Guggenheim) are related by blood and marriage to those who finance Moscow (Schiff, Rothschild and Loeb), to oriental branches like the Sassoons and Latin branches like the Montefiores.

“Some of the fortunes were built on the sale of lace, others of narcotics, slavery and war.

“In the United States, the Sterns are related to the Newgasses of London, who are related to the Lehmans of new York, who are kin to the Strausses, Altschuls, Guggenheims, Buttenweisers, and Loebs.

“The Loebs are related to the Schiffs of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., who are related to the Warburgs of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., who are related to the Rothschilds, who own or finance most of the big companies worth bragging about. The Schiffs (of Moscow and New York fame) are also relatives of the Adlers, Oppenheims, Wertmeimers, Gunzburgs, Geigers, Glogaus, Mannheims, Hanaus, and the Zunzes at various parts of the globe.

“The Adlers are related to the Wormses and the Rothschilds, who are related to more Rothschilds because they like to marry cousins, but who are also related to the Montefiores, Goldschmidts, Grammonts, Wagrams, and Sassoons of far-off India.

“The Wertheimers are related to the Oppenheimers; the Gunsburgs are related to the Sassoons and to the Warburgs.

“The Hanaus (or is it Hanauers?) are kin to the Rothschilds and the Montefiores, who are kin to the Mocattas, Medinas, Guedallas, Lousadas, Lumbrosos, Henriqueses, Churnagooses, Sebags, Alvareses, and the Florances, who are kin to the Loebs, who are kin to the Schiffs and the Warburgs.” (The Councilor, vol. 10, no 7, April 11, p. 74: “The Headbone is Connected to the Sternbone.”)

2. Freemasonry: This cannot be understood unless the following principle and distinction are borne in mind, first:
“…the whole organization of Freemasonry, the plan of admitting candidates to successive degrees of initiation, of binding them to secrecy by fearful oaths, is one that can be employed for any purpose, social, political, philanthropic, or religious, for promoting that which is good or for disseminating that which is evil. It may be used to defend a throne or to overthrow it, to protect religion or to destroy it, to maintain law and order or to create anarchy.” (Secret Societies and Subversive Movements. Nesta Webster. Pp. 271,2)

Second, there is an essential difference between British (or Scottish Rite) Freemasonry and Grand Orient Freemasonry. The latter is controlled directly by the Illuminati, as a hand controls a glove. As such, Grand Orient Freemasonry is an agency of the Revolution and all its members are agents and accomplices in its crimes and maneuvers. The involvement of British Freemasonry in the Conspiracy is much less discernable. Yet, it is indubitable that both these forms of Freemasonry are related ideologically and are controlled by the same instrumentality at the top. There are two main evidences for this:

A) These two forms are never found in the same place. British Freemasonry operates in the countries of northern Europe, in the United Kingdom, and in North America, and in the “Protestant” countries generally, viz., Australia and other countries in the British Commonwealth. Grand Orient Freemasonry is to be found in the “Romance” countries, those whose languages derive from the Latin and whose state religion is Roman Catholicism (even if many of their citizens are not Catholics) whose officials are anti-Catholic and, often, Masons. These countries include France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, their possessions and the countries of Latin America.

B) While Grand Orient Freemasonry is openly anti-Catholic and politically oriented, British Freemasonry presents the appearance of a humanitarian, a-religious, a-political, brotherhood. However, in the case of the latter, this philanthropic exterior pertains only to the first thirty-three degrees, which are the only ones most of its members know about. All the higher degrees, of which there are many, up to and including the Grand Mastership, are subject to the control of the Illuminati, some of whom are interspersed among the brethren.

C) In British Freemasonry, while Jews may belong to Protestant lodges, certain other lodges are exclusively Jewish. Also, where British Freemasonry is operative, Jewish financial and political power are quite overt, whereas in Grand Orient countries it is much less visible.

3. Illuminism, which boasts that it is “the world’s oldest conspiracy,” was formally established on May 1, 1776 (May Day), by Adam Weishaupt. The word “Illuminism” refers to the secret knowledge which its members (The Illuminati) are given. The knowledge is that they are engaged in the world Revolutionary movement, whose purpose is to erect a world totalitarian empire. Ascendance in Illuminism is achieved through wealth, dedication, amorality, ruthlessness and selection. Secrecy is the hallmark of Illuminism. Members know only certain other members and certain tasks to be performed; they are to do as they are told, ask no questions and tell no one what they are up to. Their commitment must be total.

4. Communism is a number of things, while it is only one thing. As an ideology, it is nothing else than disguised Talmudism. As a political party, it is both a political organization, an army under discipline and an international conspiratorial fraternity and network.

a) The identity of Talmudism with Communism is at the same time unquestionable and yet subtle. In that Communism is an ideology, it is nothing more than Judaism extended to embrace all party members, whether they be Jewish or gentile. The word “people,” for example, for the Talmudic Jew refers to fellow Jews; for the knowing Communist it refers to party-members only; and for Communist Jews it refers to Jews who are engaged in the Conspiracy, whether they are party members or not.

b) As a political party, the Communist Party serves as a visible apparatus for the promotion of Revolutionary programs, for the “re-education” of the masses (propaganda), for the organization of the appearance of popular uprisings, strikes, fronts, and ad hoc committees, boycotts and all other forms of “proletarian” agitation and influence. The Party, once having achieved control of a government is the controlling apparatus of that government, i.e., it controls the people through its members, while it is controlled from above by those who rule it. These are often referred to as “Insiders.” They are high-ranking Jews, Freemasons, members of the Illuminati, and the international banking families,

c) As an army, the Communist party operates both openly and secretly, legally and illegally. All its members must do exactly as ordered. Those who work “underground” may be required to engage in espionage, sabotage, assassination, crime of any sort. Others may serve as molders of public opinion, false anti-Communists, as “sleepers,” that is, as those who wait for orders while they maintain an aspect of respectability. The party is often compared to an iceberg, only one-tenth of which is visible.

d) As an international brotherhood, the Party promotes Revolutionary programs at the expense of all national governments, all Christian and other religious beliefs and truly humanitarian services and cultural values. This is done in accord with the official Party line, each agent working as he is assigned, and volunteering when the occasion calls for it. The Party line is decided on by the insiders, announced at international Party meetings, and implemented according to carefully laid plans by the Party faithful.

e) Some party programs are constant and very general, others temporary and specific. Among the former are: “Liberalism,” which is the code name for Revolutionism, Socialism, atheism, immorality, anti-Christianity, “humanism,” which opposes all religions, “Modernism,” which promotes the idea that what is new is better, that change is a positive good, etc., (both as a scientific dogma and as a philosophy), anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism (except that which is engaged in by Communist countries), “pacifism” (that is, non-resistance to Communist imperialist advances), the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, Zionism, One Worldism (world federalism), Atlantic Union, the Genocide Treaty, black racism, trade unionism, Satanism, modern “art,” modern “music,” modern “architecture,” modern “philosophy,” “hippieism,” population and birth control, “feminism,” (women’s “liberation”), abortion, euthanasia (mercy killing), welfarism, “ecology” (environmental control and anti-pollution), yogism, reincarnationism, etc.

Among temporary Communist programs are: the recognition of Communist China and its acceptance into the “family of nations,” the handing over of Taiwan to Red China, the merging of the governments of North and South Vietnam (the “Vietnamization” program), the payment of money for the “reconstruction” of North Vietnam, the completion of the Communist conquest of Indo-China by the United States and its Red allies, the suppression of the governments of South Africa and Rhodesia, etc. *And we the editor must add in contemporary times: the stolen U.S. election of 2020, and various other lesser U.S. elections; the stolen election in Brazil of 2023, the World Economic Forum and its shenanigans, the U.S. sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipeline, etc.

5. International Finance: The money systems of almost every country in the world are now controlled by the international banking cartel, in which all the huge banks of the world are intertwined with the exception of the Bank of America and, perhaps, the Swiss Bank. These banks are controlled by the Jewish families which we have listed above. Through the control of money, this cartel is able to control governments, regardless of whether their managers belong to Grand Orient or British Freemasonry. Through the control of money, the bankers are able to manipulate the many arms of the Conspiracy, thus following the Rothschildian formula, “Give me control of your money and I care not what laws you make.”

It is not sufficient to think of the international bankers as controlling money only. They control the wealth of nations and through it their people. The great banks regulate the flow of gold, silver and currency, and the credit of national banks. Through their usurious credit system, they dictate the policy, the success or failure of countless companies. They own either completely or, by one device or another, the controlling interest of huge cartels and conglomerate which operate in many nations. They have cornered the supply of most of the world’s raw materials, particularly metals, chemicals, oil and natural gas. In the United States, as in many other countries, they rule over the stock market, the grain market, the political parties (with one or two exceptions), and the political activities of most of the country’s legislators. The great banks are able to prescribe the educational policies of the large universities and other institutions. They hold sway over the world of entertainment, fashion, publishing, the news services and the news media. They are the sponsors and protectors of much syndicated crime, including drug traffic, gambling, and vice. And this is only a very small part of the picture.

In this regard, it must be remembered that the love of money motivates all but a few idealistic conspirators. The love of money incites the will-to-power, and the love of power produces its abuse and the corruption of him who possesses it. This principle works within and outside Judaism. Involvement in the conspiracy in any capacity excludes religion: “No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” (Mt. 6:24) And, as St. Paul wrote: “For the desire of money is the root of all evils.” (1 Tim. 6:10) Marx is attributed with the saying: “Communism will be built on human greed.” It is taken for granted among students of the Conspiracy that whereas the immorality of its agents and their insatiable lust for power is its greatest weakness, its access to literally oceans of money is the explanation for its terrible strength and uninterrupted progress. The Conspiracy seeks always to enslave the human race to the need and the love of and the struggle for money. “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 5: 3).